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Teresa Young

Congrats to both of you! May the next chapter in life be just as exciting 💐❤️


Congrats to Tom! You will love having the freedom to do what makes you guys happy.

Lorie S

Congratulations Tom. You will enjoy every minute and miiss your co~workers and alot of good times you had over the years. !!!!!!!!

Mary in Oregon

Welcome to RETIREMENT!!!
Now you can find out there just isn't enough time in each day to do what you want to do!!!

Mary H

Congratulations! Retirement is Great! Well earned! I know you both will enjoy the new journey. Congrats Tom! Happy Trails!

Fran McClintock

Congrats to Tom! Mike retired in February of 2020 - just as the pandemic started - it was a good time since he didn’t have to worry about keeping a business open and paying employees and yet it was a bad time since we were locked down! But we have adjusted and I love having him around to help out and go to the store with me. Enjoy your time together!

Susie Watkins-Pike

So excited for you both! He can help with the all day classes!!! Happy for your new adventures !


Congratulations. It will be great. You both will figure out the new normal!

Sharon K.

Congratulations to Tom. You two are going to have so much fun -- every day is fabulous!!!


WooHoo! Congratulations to Tom!! What a long ride! I’m so happy for both of you!! ❤️

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