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Teresa Young

She is fabulous! One of my most favorite cars of all times. Can’t wait to see this beauty💕

Roz Grage

Oh Jackie I"m so excited for you. Your dream car! Congratulations.

Carla Henderson

Congrats on the new addition! How cute you both will be cruising. Happy New Year!

nancy hazelbaker

SO happy for you and Tom! How wonderful! Enjoy the restoration process, I know she will look amazing! I can just see both of you this coming summer enjoying your new ride!

Fran McClintock

How fun! I knew you were a Woody fan, but didn’t know you actually wanted one - keep us up on the progress.


Wow, wow, WOW! She is a BEAUT! Jer is flipping out!! Congratulations!! Please show us the progress. It will be so fun to watch. I can just see you and Tom cruizin for a bruisin in her. Beep, beep! 😍

Mary H

Congrats! What a great looking "Ford Woody"! You are so lucky! I am so excited for you. I know how much you've wanted this car. I'm jumping for joy for you and Tom. Can't wait to see you and your new baby. : ))

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