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Your work is so beautiful and well worth waiting for. You’ve inspired me to start to learn how to hand sew with your projects. I think I might try one of those pretty stuffed Valentine hearts with all different trims that you made a few years ago. I’ll look in your posts for how to stitch felt together, how to add little ribbons, flowers, beads, etc. Thank you for sharing your lovely work! Good luck with your computer. I have hardly any luck at all with them!

Janice K

I understand, something has changed on my computer program also and I have a hard time posting in blogger on my blog, then its all messed up

hang in there LOL

Janice @ Curtains In My Tree

Lesley Duckett

Good grief, woman! How did I not see your blog before today??? Your work is stunning, and eclectic. I've subscribed and bookmarked you for fear of losing you. You hang in there; you are clearly blessed, my dear, and things will get better. That's what my mom always told me, lol.

Mary Lee Herman Herman

"Keep Calm and Carry On" as the Brits said in WWII.
We all have computers and I'm guessing we all have had our difficulties with them!

Best wishes coming your way, Jackie!
Mary in Oregon


Oh don’t pull that pretty hair out. This too shall pass. Will look forward to the new pics when fixes happen

Mary H

Bless your heart, you've really been through a lot lately. Computers for sure can be a living nightmare. Good Luck! You know, it will get fixed when it get's fixed. We're patient out here. We love your blog!

Please don't pull your hair out.

Thank you for the up date and Hang In There Girl!

We love you!

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