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He definitely was the best Christmas gift ever! So very thankful he is doing so much better. I got the biggest smile and a little teary when I heard him say “ hi Cindy!”love you guys!


So glad he’s home & improving! And hope you stay well!

Michelle Heaps

Oh Jackie i didnt know. I am so very happy for you, your hubby and family yay for prayers.
Big hug,
Michelle Heaps
In California
I havent been to Burns Flat since my sweet Mother passed.
I missed taking your ckasses at Paper Crown OK

nancy hazelbaker

Jackie, I am so glad Tom is home and feeling better! SO thankful that Adam made it safe and was able to be with you during this time. We will pray that Tom continues to heal, and praying that all of you will be healthy during this coming New Year!

Kay Heath

So thankful he is doing better and back home!!! Praying for a speedy and complete recovery and very happy birthday in the new year!! And a happy and healthy 2021 for you and your whole family!


Our family could not be happier. Our Christmas wish came true for y’all! Cheers to healthier days ahead. Love to you, Tom, Adam and Caryn.

Mary Herman

I have been checking for blog posts since your last one on Dec 15; all along, thinking your life must be so full this time of the year and smiling wondering if we would hear about all the goings-on.
Not once was I thinking something negative might have happened. Tom seems like a strong man and your son and daughter-in-law knew what needed to be done! As you wrote - having him there with you was a Godsend and was so important for your well-being.
Having your Dr. right across the street must have also made you feel more secure. The results seem to be going in the right direction, for which I am so happy. My love and prayers are for a continuation of his improvement and a rebound.
Mary in Oregon

Fran McClintock

I just knew he might have Covid from the way you were talking and then no posts. So glad Tom is on the mend. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

Sharon K. (KS friend)

Prayers for Tom. Continue to get better each day, Tom. Take care of yourself too, Jackie. So glad your son, Adam, was able to come. Know how comforting that is. Let's hope that 2021 will be the turning point to better health in our country.


Wow Jackie. I am so sorry to hear. Yes, this virus awful. I am glad to hear your hubby is home and you can care for him. I will keep you & your hubby in my prayers.
Sandi daRoza


Bless your heart I was soon going to make sure you were alright cause you had not posted. Needless to say you were on my heart. I am so glad he is home and getting your tender care. The best medicine. If you need something picked up or brought to you I am always at the ready. Love on Tom for me and I will put you on that long prayer list🙏

Alice Meares

Jackie -- wow! what a tale. so glad that your husband is improving and I hope that he gets better and stronger everyday. You need to stay well also.
Happy new year and happy birthday (in advance) to Tom.

Maria Nordin

Continuing to pray for your entire family. Much love and prayers.

Mary H

Jackie and Tom, My prayers are definitely with you. Tom, wishing you a speedy recovery. Oh My! You guys seem to have been so careful. It does show how dangerous and elusive this disease is. Thanks for Adams arrive and take charge attitude. So, so lucky! Take care of yourselves. Be careful and safe. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

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