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Hillary Courson at Home

Cathe Holden’s fabrics are great but your creative additions are wonderful!

Brenda D.

I have done alll my shopping online—a lot from stores in the area. Now I need to wrap! I have really enjoyed your wrapping ideas. Your packages are lovely.


Done some dash and go shopping for several friends that needed specific items but could not be exposed. It is like supermarket sweep type show. Go when you think no one will be at the shop , dash in and dash out. Trying to get people to buy from local shops so they can surviive. That material is glorious. Like a Della robin of colors🤩

Jeannie McGehee

I went to 1 store for Nike shoes and the rest online! I love the decorations in the malls but that will not happen this year! Your fabric is gorgeous!

Sharon K. (KS friend)

I did a little walk in shopping -- like quick get what I need. I have had my one daughter get a couple of things online. Also have pulled items I purchased earlier -- months ago. Writing out checks will be the fall back!!!

Fran McClintock

I have done almost no shopping - I did walk-in shopping for our granddaughters’ ornament collections and other collections I have for them - then I did on-line for other presents. We aren’t doing the usual presents this year, so I didn’t have much to do.

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