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We always have a Christmas Eve party with lots of great food and drink. We play Christmas trivia games and start a story with everyone going around and adding to it. You never know how it is going to end! Then into our jammies for a good night's sleep. Come morning, the Christmas tunes are playing while Santa makes Bloody Mary's for the adults and hot chocolate for the kiddo's. The gift-unwrapping ensues! And a good time was had by all!

Roz Grage

Coming from Minnesota and with a Swedish heritage, several family members get to gather to make lefse. It's a big party that includes grandma, aunts, uncles, and cousins. It's a fun day, even if our arms are wore out from rolling 200 to 300 pieces of this delicious treat. It just wouldn't be Christmas dinner without lefse on the side.


My children and grandchildren come to my house after Christmas Eve services aft church, We have a late supper and then everyone spends the night, doggies included. Christmas morning we open presents and have a big breakfast. This year will be different, but we plan to gather Christmas morning to open gifts and have a light breakfast. We purchased a camping heater so we will be outside and it will certainly be different. Jackie, your journals are just so cute!!


When our oldest grandson started reading, we would gather in the living room and he would read the Christmas story with help from his mom & dad... now we have 3 grandsons and they continue to read the Christmas story out of Luke 2:1-20 with each grandson reading a section...the silence, magic and peace of the Season is revealed in those special minutes!


I am trying to come up with games we can play by zoom with my nephews. We had a not so sane zoom thanksgiving dinner for 2nhours-complete chaos and fun. So I am going to come up with a challenge for each of them to deliver by zoom at Christmas dinner. They are always game for an adventure. I figure that we all need a little FUN insanity these days. Stay tuned­čĄ¬

Susie Watkins-Pike

My Christmas tradition, is to have the tree and all Christmas decorations, including outside, taken down and put away by 3:00 that afternoon. Sounds a little BAH-HUMBUG....but it allows me to put my house back together and not have that entire chore waiting for me to do when I would get the chance.

Sharon K. (KS friend)

This year the Christmas traditions will be different because of the pandemic. The traditions we like to do are open gifts one at a time so we can see what everyone receives. It takes longer but is so fun. We have appetizers on Christmas Eve and make some treats. Then on Christmas Day always have "Patsy's Chicken" and all kinds of cookies and other goodies for dessert. Have a wonderful season of preparing and celebrating.

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