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I love this Journal! I never thought about a daily Christmas countdown journal. I fear my pages would say unpack, clean floors, unpack, clean floors, unpack... moving is no fun! Can’t wait to get settled & get back to normal. Whatever normal is these days!!

Susan Gillard

Yours is my favorite blog to visit each day, your creativity is inspiring! Thank you for so many enjoyable posts. I hope your Thanksgiving is happy in this very challenging year.

Leslie Fisher

Last class I took was one of your Christmas journals. It’s was held in a building you own on 39th Expressway. LOVE your classes! Happy Thanksgiving!

A Facebook User

That hotel belhop has caught my eyes in other crafty projects, Jackie! During this time of isolation and zoom meetings this Christmas journal might be just the inspiration I need to get me excited about celebrating (???) Christmas this year.

Mary in Oregon


In this weird and baffling year I must say I am very blessed to have a healthy family, a job, a roof over my head and most of all lovely friends that I love hearing from. Have a wonderful thanksgiving

Terri W.

Love love love your journals, Jackie! I do so miss your classes - fingers crossed for 2021. Happy Thanksgiving!

Alice Meares

Jackie -- this journal is great and would be a great companion piece to the one I made in your class at Paper Crown OKC!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving


Wish you were closer.......I’d love to take your classes!! The journal looks great!!

Brenda D.

Your Christmas journal is precious! I so miss seeing you and taking your classes! Cannot wait until we can get together again. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Jackie!

Sharon K. (KS friend)

Just love everything you make. Have a great week and a Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Veronica Butler

Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!
Love your journals!

Fran M

You make the cutest journals and I have no idea where you keep all of yours! Hope ypu have a good week - Happy Thanksgiving!

Cindy P.

Love this album!! You are so good at putting pieces together. Wish I lived close to you, I would be taking every class you offered.

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