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Sorry to hear about your ice storm and glad you are back to power and cleanup. We had a tornado in May where I live, so know the feeling. Hoping 2021 will be better.

Mary Herman

Terrible news. I had no idea about your devastation. You must get a lot of your strength and persistance from your Mom! Tell her that I'm sure besides me there are many others that are thankful you all are ok. Trees are some of my favorite things but people are on top of the list. I'm hoping 2020 won't bring us any more extremes that we will need to overcome! Keep the faith. My prayers are that Oklahoma will get back to "normal" in a speedy fashion.

Mary in Oregon

Mary H

Jackie, You and your neighborhood have such haven of beautiful trees. So sad to see such devastation! So happy no damage to you or your home. I do hope your mom has electricity or well soon.

nancy hazelbaker

I am so sorry to hear about all the damage from the freak ice storm, so unexpected especially in October! We have relatives in Yukon and OKC, and they have been without power as well. It's a mess! Hope this next week is better for you all!


So glad you all are ok. We are still without power. But we will prevailšŸ‘»

Sharon K. (KS friend)

Glad you are ok. The trees really took a beating. Am glad nothing happened to your home from the ice storm. Take care. 2020 has been some kind of year. Have been thinking of all of you in OK.

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