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Mary H

Jackie, This folder from France is beautiful. A piece of art work for sure. I love this old French Nouveau look. A fun class not to miss!

Adam has professionalism and quality in his leather work. Wonderful pieces! He seems to have picked up talent from grandfather and mother. This will be a journey to watch. Can't wait! Best Wishes Adam.

Mary Herman

French writing on bottom of journal is just someone's name : P. Desbeaux. Below that is the name of the town he/she is from: Caussade, France which is in the region of : Tarn-en-Garonne which means a a town, Tarn, by the river Garonne.
Maybe I should start a sewing journal for 2021. That would be a new project for me!

Thanks for the idea of the class with Heidi Swapp - I will look into that, as well.

Mary in Oregon

Susie Watkins-Pike

Put me down for the sewing journal! I SOOOO hope we can get back to classes! Love all you do! Stay warm!

nancy hazelbaker

Love you beautiful work! Have fun on this freezing day in Yukon! It's cold here in Idaho, too!

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