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Carla Henderson

Those are some ginormous drinking glasses! We had a Carla Ring that went to school in Lahoma with my daughters. Seeing her name brought back fond memories.

Teresa Young

I miss you and your classes so much...those nametages are amazing. I see your beautiful drawings and letterings for each of those girls. Thank You for continuing to blog, so that we can keep up with you. Stay Well! xox


thank you all for your comments......


What a fun night for all! I just went through your city while on a trip... I waved and said hi to you from the car! Love all the creativity on this post from cookies to martinis! Hope you are well...❤️

Mary Herman

Looks like no one was concerned about a superspreader event? No masks, no social distancing? I see that Tulsa is bright red on the New York Times Covid map - I'm really surprised.

I'm hoping that I'm wrong. Please stay safe.

Mary in Oregon

Kayla Stewart

Everything was perfect!! Cheers to the most talented/creative person I know and the best instructor there is!!Looking forward to the next one!

Mary H

How fun this looks! What a remarkable job she did on her cookies. Such a talented family! I can't wait to have classes with you once again. Safety first! It looks like fun was enjoyed by all.

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