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Mary H

Love the journals. Pleased to hear Tom is on the road to better days. I do hope you are out of a fog. It's so frustrating to experience vision interruptions. Especially in your line of work.
I so want to do classes. I love getting together with you girls. Let me know and I'll make a judgement call. I'm still pretty leery. I so need to get away from Mr. CV19. Wishing you all safe and well.

Carla Henderson

I look forward to watching for class updates. So happy your husband is on the mend.

Angela Burks

you would be the one to bring me out of quarantine!! I think we need a class in Waco for the fall....don't you? ;O) would love to see you!

Leslie Fisher

I would love to take classes if you start back up.

Lorie S

No joke. I wanna play with you girls. Anytime, anyplacre

Lorie S

The answer is an absolute joke YES. Can’t wait!!!

Susie Pike

I will ABSOULTLY attend classes. Sign me up!


I can wear a shower curtain over my head if you will have classes. I am so bored. Playing by myself is BORING. Count me ready I will even sew 🧵 ha ha

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