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Nelly to do punch needle you need to use Weaver's cloth. Cindy carries at the Paper Crown if you want to order some from her. Don't waste your money on packaged weavers cloth from any of the craft stores because it is not user friendly......and I am speaking from my experience and any one who has come to class and said they tried it and ended up throwing it out. Good luck and I hope that helps you get started. If you stay up with my blog I am going to run a sale on the patterns in a packaged deal maybe this week or next, so check back.


Wow, I was just wondering how to do punch needle embroidery on fabric not specifically intended for it on a mixed media project. What did you use to prep the fabric in order to make your design? Thank you for your time and talent, Nelly

Jeannie McGehee

That stitch book is so cute!

Lisa S

Oh my gosh! I NEED to get over for some of your amazing classes!

Fran McClintock

Love, love, love these!

noodle and lou

love it jackie!!

Susie Pike

Cant wait for more stitch classes! Totally addicted! Great finds today. Looking forward to seeing what you create!

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