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Carla Henderson

I think our nearly 50 year old Sears freezer is simply remarkable. That was when Sears sold great and enduring appliances. Seems nothing lasts long enough to take home any more. I feel your pain.

nancy hazelbaker

My parents owned rental properties in California for zillions of years, and usually when a dishwasher goes out, it's not worth fixing it, just buy new. I have owned 2 Bosch dishwashers and have loved them! Yours lasting 19 years is amazing!! I sure hope you have a better rest of your week! Love your beautiful detail on your Viva La Vida embroidery! Just beautiful!!


You can gripe anytime you would like! I try to be a good listener. I want to say...You, Dear Lady, are a fabulous stitcher! Your pieces are drool worthy. 😉

Lisa Stanton

It is annoying for sure! House repairs always stress me out!

Fran McClintock

Yep - we have learned the same thing - when we remodeled the kitchen I put in a very expensive faucet - when I had problems I learned the same lesson you learned! Had to order the part to repair it. All plumbers and the guys who remodeled our bathroom all say the right way to go is Delta - you can always find parts! So far, so good on the Bosch dishwasher! LOL

Mary Herndon


You are allowed! Sometimes life hands you lemons and voicing will turn it into lemonade. : ))

Thanks for sharing. :)) I so hope your week is better and your lemons turn in lemonade.

Ha! You can tell I don't know that saying. : ))

Love Ya!

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