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Brenda Durnbaugh

I have had a great time with my family this summer--lots of lunches dinners, games and fun! As always, I love all the wonderful things you create, Jackie! My favorite is Number 1, then three and then two. Hope you pick my name! I've really missed your classes and seeing you!

Dawn Seeman

Thank you for the wonderful opportunity! I love everything you create! This summer i had the most fun hosting our family's 4th of July party. It was such a treat to spend time with family plus I got to give grandma snuggles to my grand babies. The best! I love #1, 2 and 3 in that order. Thank you again.

Alice Noriega

Attended a wonderful embroidery retreat in Yachats, Oregon. The great Meg Hawkey was our guest instructor. I would love the journal, #3. Your journals are my fav. Would love to attend one of your new workshops. The CA gals need to visit OK. Loved the retreats at the Paper Crown! 💐 Alice

Marsha Gulick

Best time, going to see”Act of God” with my sweet neice at the Pollard in Guthrie, OK. We hadn’t seen each other except on FB in many years! (Brother’s messy divorce).

Favorite 1-3, probably #1, but I’ve never seen anything of yours that I didn’t love.


margie d

my favorite is always the trip home to visit family and friends - even more now that we have a new grandbaby!

preference: #1 (you inspired me to join stephanie)
#3 (love all of your journals)
#2 (the ocean is a far away thought)

Genie Pinheiro

Oh, my gosh what treasures. This summer my little family, my closest sibling, and his partner went to Vegas. It so much fun to see someone experience Vegas for the first time. We spent our time in thrift stores, eating, and our evening gawking at the lights. I would swoon for the journal. Thank you for the opportunity. Xxoo

Terri W.

All amazing Jackie creations, of course! Beautiful! This hasn't been the best summer for me, but we're heading to Florida next week so that will make up for a lot! Can't wait to be sitting with a book and watching the waves. Love all three of these, but if I have to pick it would be #2, #3, and #1.


Jackie! You are always SO generous! It's been a good, but HOT summer. I've done many fun things and it's hard to pick a favorite. So...my favorite food (another difficult choice because I love to eat!) is probably pizza. In Tulsa, it's East Village Bohemian Pizza and in OKC my new favorite is Pizzeria Gusto. :)

Lisa Garbrick

Jackie I have been following you for years and you inspire me to keep creating and growing My Fun was had this summer at Mccall Id. at a Family reunion it has a beautiful Lake that we spent a lot of time at! So I would Love the summer Journal for writing and remembering that occasion!


omg jackie! your creativity just blows me away! my summer was kind of not the funnest but the BEST part was going to terri’s studio:) i adore them all but think no.1 is my fave!! can’t wait to see you next week!


Summer is beach time for me. I love the beach and the sound of the waves. i love mingling with the locals and mostly walking the artesian strip. The weather, people, vibrance of the coast is so inspiring. i love your expressive creativity. thanks for all your sharing.


My favorite adventure this Summer was hiking with my friend Trixey. I had brain surgery last summer and did not know if I'd ever be able to climb around mountains and cliffs again so it was thrilling to be back out in nature and enjoying the Oklahoma views. I also enjoyed introducing my grands to shaving cream wars on their trampoline. Fun times indeed.
Love all of your creations as always but that Summer journal is just my cup of tea.

Carla Henderson

So very blessed to have a trip and visit to Texas to see grands and a summer wedding in Norman for a grandson. Too hot to do much so hoping fall temps make for more outings. Sweet of you to have giveaways. All are beautiful but if I must choose, #3-2-1. ❤️


All are beautiful, but #1 is my favorite. It’s “vintage Jackie” to me. ❤️
I’ve been running around all summer, and the time at Terri’s with the OKC Gals comes in second. My best trip was a day trip, 45 minutes from home. My daughter and son-in-law invited us (along with his parents) to their house the Sunday before Father’s Day... and announced that we will become grandparents on January 16!!! Every other trip of the summer pales in comparison. 😍😍😍

Mary Herman

So many things this summer but one of my best memories was going to local production of Guys & Dolls with my daughter and another girlfriend. My daughter's boyfriend played in the stage orchestra!
I also attended our adjacent town's annual Scandinavian Festival where my daughter and her boyfriend always play music (she's a violinist and he plays guitar/and bass)! I love all three of your giveaways, Jackie, but here is my order of preference: #2, #1 and #3.

Mary in Oregon/blukazam@yahoo.com

Fran McClintock

Guess where we are? Waco! Going by to see Cindy on Friday and shop her sale. My preferences would be #3, #2, #1.

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

Took a fun trip to Madison, WI area with my daughter Nicole and her family. Went to the Mustard Museum which was so cool. Went to Iowa and went by our apartment and first house. The apartment looked the same and a couple of our neighbors still live there!! Also had some shelves put in my craft closet so everything is super organized. Love it. Spending any time with my family and friends is just the best. order of preference would be #1, #3 and #2. Neat give-aways, Jackie. Hope I win.

Leslie Fisher

My son (only child) moved to Pennsylvania in February to go to school. In early August, he came home for three weeks for his first visit since moving. I asked if he wanted to take a short trip to a surrounding state but he just wanted to stay home and chill and see his friends. I ended up taking a week off work and we spent the time making an intricate model for a game he plays, laughing a lot and staying up til the early morning hours watching Frasier on Netflix. It my not be your typical summer vacation but I loved every minute of it getting to spend time with him.

Order of preference - #3, #2, #1

Becky Bullard

Hard to pick a favorite because the older my girls get, the more precious I count any time spent together- no matter the occasion or event. But I will say our trip to the beach with our family, including my parents. We made wonderful memories.

#1, #3, #2

AliceM in OKC

My favorite summer activity this year was Camp Muzzy -- two nights and three days with my 3yo grandson. So much fun and so exhausting!

order of preference - #2, #1, and #3

btw -- loving your needle punch art!

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