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Happy Birthday to your beautiful Mom! Wow - I hope I look as beautiful and have that much vitality when I'm 88. :)


Wow congrats to her and all of you for having a Gogo mom!
What a blessing to be able to have her wisdom of living so many firsts. Don t forget to write thing down she has talked about and seen. It will be important to you when you can’t pick up the phone and ask. Also get many recordings of her talking. Just reading a verse is great!πŸ˜˜πŸ’

Carla Henderson

Very blessed. Birthday Blessing to your little lady.

Brenda. Durnbaugh

What a beautiful Mother you have! I have missed seeing you! I hope you can find a way to teach us how to make some more of your fabulous designs.
Happy summer--I know how much you love it!

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