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saikat dutta

really amazing and awesome really.

Carla Henderson



Great pictures, Jackie. I'm so happy for Cindy and her new adventures in Waco. I've loved every class I took at Paper Crown, but I'm saddened the store is leaving OKC. I'll miss my pop-in, catch-up visits with Cindy at the store on Saturdays too. Thanks for sharing the pics. Who knows, Paper Crown/Waco may be the next HGTV hit show. Move over Skip and Joanna Gaines! :-)

Terri W.

Thank you for sharing this, Jackie. I'm so sad that I couldn't be there. I didn't discover Paper Crown and all you wonderful people until 2010, but it's been a wonderful eight years, and I've always hated that I missed out on the first four!

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

Wow, the photos are so cool. Always love your name tags; so you. The few times I have come to the store, it was always so much fun and then bringing all the treasures home just made me so happy. Know this is hard for all of you in OKC as Cindy leaves. I also know you are happy for her. Kind of like when our grown children leave for college or move across the country. We are so proud but will miss them terribly. Take care.


WONDERFUL photos, Jackie!! I was holding it together until that last pic of you and Cindy and I fell apart. Pass the tissue, please! 😢💖

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