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I want to learn this I wanted to attend Stephanie's class so bad.

Lisa S

Oh my gosh, Jackie! They are ALL so beautiful! 💕

Becky Bullard

BE STILL MY HEART!!! I am totally in love with each one of these, Jackie! My goodness, you ooze with talent. And you inspire me! <3

Beth Manning

You have really been whipping these out and they are all such beautiful treasures! I've bought all the supplies and have tried to get started but just keep stalling out. Glad to hear about the stitching nights. Maybe it will help me catch on.


Thank you everso🌻


Suzy we would love for you to join the stitch night and of course we will help you in any way.......just come and we will get started!!!!


Jackie, I know that stitching is not really my thing but I need a new project and have a brainstorm for an end product for a cause. If I come to the stitch and sew could you help me with starting out? summer is coming and I cannot stand to be not doing something and like you say this kind of thing is easily taken with you! Let me know or let me know where I might look to find out how to start out. I was not able to attend Stephanie's classes when she was here so I have to start somewhere!

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