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Carla Henderson

Every pic I've seen feels like a treasure moment with all of you. Thanks so much for sharing and recording the event. What a great group! Success!
PS..when I saw the power lines down on May Ave. I was concerned you were affected. Cancelled outing wasn't so bad then.

noodle and lou

aww thanks, jackie! it was a pure GIFT to spend the weekend with y'all! you gals are absolutely amazing... everything you do is so full of thought, creativity and love. so happy to have these photos (and special mementos) to remember our special time together:) xoxx

Debbie Musick

Wow! It all looks so amazing--but I'm not surprised. I will not miss the next retreat--I get a brand new knee next Tuesday--so I'll be a little more mobile and hopefully in much less pain.

Jackie, thanks for posting the pictures--can't wait to see more!!

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

Everything looks first class as usual. Love the heart name tags and the tables upstairs looked so neat. I am really impressed with the dolls. They are all so neat and fabulous!!!! Look forward to seeing more pics. Wish I could have been there. Thanks, Jackie, for posting pics. Always look forward to your blog.

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