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Norma McRae

Usually I avoid making resolutions. However I have been taking a look at your blog more often and have told myself that I am going to make more time for the things I enjoy doing. Scrapbooking, playing with paper and paperdolls, actually journaling in some of the journals that I have. You have given me new inspiration.

Brenda Wright

Being a New Years Baby I always have Resolutions... that I Don't follow through with.... This year.... it is to be A Better ME....hopefully I can do this 1!!!!!! Would love to win the VDAY treasures... thanks for always sharing!!!!

Lisa S

In 2017 I plan to continue my running program and progress from 5K's to a 10 K this summer and then a 15K for the Tulsa run in October. Slow and steady progress with no injuries!


2017 will be my "new craft" year...going to learn to sew & quilt, finish my journals & finish my scrapbooks! Going to be a blessed year!

Kim Budash

Take one day at a time, don't put off until tomorrow if you can do today, and it didn't get like this in a day and it won't get back to normal in a day!!

My mantra, Happy New Year to you and your family!!

Deb Ettinger

My resolution is to finish what I started. Love the giveaway!

Denise Bryant

I have two resolutions for 2017! I plan to work on organizing my craft room. Since I am now retired (yay!, really needing to make some progress with that! And my second resolution is to continue going to the gym every other day for an hour each time! I joined in June.... so far, so good!


Oh my goodness! What a wonderful giveaway! My goal for 2017 is too be more tolerant and keep my pie whole quiet! Lol. Lord, help me please!! Blessing to you, my sweet friend. Thank you for setting such a fine example for all of us. Love you loads! ā¤

Debbie Musick

Learn Note new things--Do more for others--Have more fun--

Veronica Butler

Resolve to walk more/exercise to lose weight and "get out of my funk", create and finish projects, be more organized! Here's hoping 2017 is a good year!

Fran McClintock

I always have the same resolution - not to make resolutions!

Beth Manning

What a great gift Jackie. I have a couple resolutions this year.....first 2017 is going to be the year of the purge! I've been holding on to way too much and it's time to let go. Also want to sent notes through the mail to people instead of relying on Facebook to reach out to people. And finally...time management....get more done in my day....cut way back on my "doing nothing time.


Happy new year sweet lady! I hope to be a better friend to everyone. Do more for them and not be so lazy. Get moving and get going! Move forward to a new dimensionšŸ’«

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

2017 will be a year of reflection and living each day to the fullest. Sometimes I just hurry through the day to get this or that done. This year I want to savor each moment with family and friends. The items in the giveaway are beautiful. Happy New Year to all.


I plan to "Reflect" more. Make sure I am getting my Jesus on, and use up my craft supplies before buying more!!!!

Colleen Barata

I hope to have grown more by the end of 2017 and to be more we than me

Annamarie Voss

My resolution is the same as every year get more exercise and eat better, I am already off to a better start than I was last year.

Mary Herman

2017 will be my "art" year. There are so many ideas out there and my resolution will be to just get started with what materials I have! Hopefully my own artistic talent will pop up!

Mary in Oregon

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