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Cathy Arnold

Would love to know that name of the paint you choose because I, too, am going from yellow this year. (17 years with yellow).

Suzy smith

So funny to hear everyone's color stories. Our walls in main livin area have been forest green for 31 years! So we have narrowed it down to two lighter greens (don't want to recover everything). We are living with a wall painted in the two shades!

Terri W.

Wishing you luck! Our walls were a color similar to yours for years. When I was ready for a change it took me two years (with swatches painted on walls in several rooms) to decide, and then only because my husband was losing patience. : )
While I like what we have, it still isn't exactly what I had in mind.
There is no doubt, though, that yours will be beautiful!


I'll be waiting to see what you do...I have 3 samples painted on my dining room w.all now. I have a goldfish yellow that is going away in my house too😄

nancy hazelbaker

I can't wait to see the after pics!! You are the expert with home décor, and it will be exciting to see what you do! It will inspire me to do some different things to my house! I wish there was a way to take a tour of your house. I just know it's perfect!!

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