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Polly Barker

Jackie! I am so sorry to hear about Sam's passing...ours pets are so special to each of us!! We had a BLAST in OKC last weekend! Looking for a good reason to come back!!

Beth Manning

So glad to see pictures of your weekend with Terri and to see how much you enjoyed. I'm sure your completed projects will be wonderful. So sad to read to read about Sam's passing. The picture of him and Adam is beautiful and I'm so sorry for this loss of a loved part of the family.


So sad. Losing a pet is so hard. Love and prayers.

Terri W.

So sorry about Sam! She was beautiful, and I know that thanks to Adam she had lots of wonderful years.
Your bezels look great! I've enjoyed seeing all the lovely creations from the weekend on various Instagram, Facebook and blog feeds.

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

Beautiful work. I think it is definitely above my talents big time!!!
Sorry to hear about Sam. It is so hard to lose a pet; just so much a part of your life. It is nice here today as well.

Lesa Petty

So sorry to hear of Adam's dog's passing. Losing a pet you have had for that long is difficult.
Beautiful artwork, as always!


Oh, Sam...I'm sobbing! My heart just breaks for them. 💔 They shared a beautiful life together and what a blessing that is! ❤ Beautiful bezels, Jackie!!

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