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Beth Manning

One of my favorite recipes is one of yours for jalapeƱo pimento cheese and Then of course there is every treat you have ever made and brought to class. I would LOVE to win your cookbook.


My favorite recipe is my Grandmother Ruth's Southern Baptist Church Pound Cake. It is an easy recipe and the cake gets better as it ages if it does because it is sooo good and irresistable too! I lost her when I was 15 but remember her teaching me how to cook, sew a button, crochet etc.
She was such a giving person and although I do not care for Fruitcake one of my fondest memories is helping her make them every year for her neighbors and Family.

Denise Bryant

My favorite recipe is a special cookie I make each year for Christmas. It always is a big hit! It's called Scandinavian Almond Bars. A shortbread cookie with sliced almonds on top, drizzled with an almond flavored icing. Yum!


One of my favorite recipes is my lemon curd marbled cheesecake. It's a bit time consuming but well worth it in the end. What a treasure it would be to get one of YOUR recipe books!

Lisa Nix

Jackie that is impossible for me to choose 1 I love them all, I wish I can eat all you make everyday. You might be the best chef ever in the world!!

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