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Thank you for answering me about your pens. I have so much to learn. I have fun playing but, I really want to get better at journaling & doodling. I think practice makes for better results but, time.... age old problem!

peggy gatto

Love the designs! I see fabric, paper, cAards, so many possibilities!!!

Donna Tallon

Beautiful! I stitch for relaxing.


This are delightful Jackie! They capture your sense of color and whimsey. <3

Maria Nordin

You create such beauty in all you do! XOXO


Charlene I have been using the signo uniball ultra micro 270 black ink pen.......it will not bleed! I use the Spectrum alcohol ink and sharpie pens for color, and copic markers. The Spectrum are much cheaper to use than copic and I go through a lot of markers........plus we have them at the store! Always use a permanent ink. For a little thicker black pen I also use the smash book black pen. They work great. I do not use the black sharpie because once in a while it will bleed! Good luck!

debbie musick

These are lovely. What are you coloring with? Pencils? Watercolors?


I have just started with journaling & doodling but, all my pens bleed through the paper. HOW do you control that?


Wow Jackie these are beautiful!

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