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I love your style, creativity & art. I dream of taking your classes! I, too, would have flown to OK for your Character Construction marathon. Would you consider selling kits to those of us out-of-staters?

Becky Bullard

Jackie! Last wkd was so much fun! Thank you so much for all your hard work and preparation! I want to be just like you when I grow up. xoxo


Looks like a great time. LOVE the little sailor boy with the flag.. soo DARN cute!
happy Tuesday and have a great holiday weekend

Mary in Oregon

US geography is all wrong! Oregon and Oklahoma should be next to each other (same 1st initial!) so us Oregonians could attend such a wonderful marathon crafting weekend!

I made your wonderful strawberry/blueberry/jicama salsa last week and today, I bought more strawberries so I can make it again for the 4th! Thanks for sharing the recipe, Jackie!

Mary in Oregon


Sad to have missed all the fun this past weekend! Such cute projects and Jackie, I know you worked so hard to make it all happen.
Thanks for sharing the pictures so I could enjoy seeing everyone and the fun, fun projects!

Catherine Moore

My goodness, you are amazing Jackie Peters! Three classes in two days, and I know all too well how much time and energy goes into preparing for those two days! Thank you so much for sharing the pics so that we can all enjoy this event with you vicariously. I wish I could have been there too . . . Boston was great, but I am so sorry that I was not there! And, don't even get me started on the projects!! I LOVE them all. The July 4th doll is luscious!! Plus, a travel book and Santos!! Looks like Greg, Anson and all involved had a wonderful time. I hope you are having a much needed day off today. XoXo

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