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I hope I haven't missed this! I love valentines day! I can't wait until my kids are old enough to apriciate heart shaped pancakes and pink milk! Until thanill just spoil my husband with hidden notes around the house and handmade cards!!

Beth Boothe

"Come home with me Miss Valentine," ;)
I would like to enter by sharing with you,
"A Valentine to Remember"
Back in the 70's, when I was 13 years old, we were living east of Memphis.
It was Valentine's Day. I was sitting, addressing my Valentines, taking
extra care with each one, matching them up with that perfect pal!
My passion for pretty paper things was so evident even back then. I loved
them. I loved the colors, the drawings, and how small and dainty they were.
I was really into the moment, when I happened to glance up and look outside. To my amazement, I saw the most beautiful sight! It was SNOWING!!!!! We didn't get to see that very much! OMG! I couldn't believe it!
I ran outside and danced around, not caring about the cold.
(Until I made a few snowballs!) It was great!
Later that evening, my sweet Daddy made us his famous Snowcream!
I had always wished for a "White Christmas." But how happy I was to settle
for a "White Valentine's Day!"
What a sweet memory. ;)

Estella Magnuson

I found your dolls on Pinterest and thought they were made by Danita. Your work is fantastic.


You are such a talented gal, I absolutely adore your dolls and would love to have one, so pick me... please.... wish I lived near your store I would frequent it often, have a blessed Valentines day and a blessed New Year...
Tammie Moore
[email protected]

Melissa Mortimer

Wow! Jackie, all your dolls are BEAUTIFUL! The blonde one reminds me of Alexis! :D
The wedding album is amazing too. You are very blessed with so many awesome talents!

Carla Henderson

Honestly, I believe you are machine, not human. You make so many lovely things. You know I am partial to green eyes ;-) Your ladies are lovely, bet they were fun to create. Thanks for the chance! <3


OMG this might be the cutest thing I have ever seen, you amaze me and I see nothing wrong the beautiful eyes. I just LOVEEEEEEEE IT!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, I think Blondie is CUTE! Little Miss Valentine would look PERFECT with my other heartfelt decorations. So adorable, Jackie!


Well Ms. Jackie, once again you've out done yourself. You are such an outstanding artist; words cannot begin to describe your abilities. What darling dolls. I love them all. I love love the blonde hair. Did you go to beautician school? LOL! For Valentine’s Day - Chocolates, Red everywhere, Flowers, Champagne, Handmade Valentines, Kisses and Hugs, and Children young and old celebrating the Day of Love, I love making things and giving on this day, just to mention a few special things about Valentine’s Day. I love the doll and would definitely treasure her. I appreciate how many hours go into creating such a treasure. Oh how any little or big girl would LOVE this master piece.

Teresa Young

Love these little dolls! You have done beautiful work, as you always do. I love red. I love hearts. I love Valentines. I could see one sitting on my shelf in my studio. Happy Valentine's Day! 💝see you soon!


Besides Christmas, Valentine's Day is my favorite~ a special day to shower my girls and my hubby with love. I love to give them handmade Valentines. XoXo

Denise Bryant

ohmigosh... these are so adorable! So expressive in their faces. Great job! Love all the details, like the shoes and socks. So sweet!
I am hoping to make some good changes for Valentine's Day. Been taking some baby steps, time to take a leap.... gulp!


Your dolls are adorable, Jackie! Just perfect! When I was in grade school, Valentine's Day was my favorite day because I loved decorating the box for my Valentines. I loved it so much that, as an adult, I helped organize box decorating and a Valentine exchange at my office!


Jackie!!! Oh my gosh - you have been busy! They are all adorable - so, so precious!
I would *LOVE* to have one of your beautiful dolls - Wow...
Valentine's Day has always been a fun holiday for me. We all have people we love (not just romantically) and how great to have an extra special day to celebrate love. We need more of that!

deb musick

Jackie, you did a wonderful job. I am very impressed. I would love to own one of these. Valentine's Day is my very favorite holiday. What is not to like: love, hugs, kisses, lace & ribbons, red & pink & CHOCOLATE!

Rachel Cartucci

Please count me in...I am smitten with these cute little dolls!!I would love to have one in my bedroom. Thank you

Lesa Petty

These dolls are so adorable!! I love Valentines Day; I remember as a little girl my mom would always make sure me and my brother would have a small box of chocolates and a Valentine card from her. So special. I try to do the same thing for my son and husband.


OMG, these are truly adorable! My favorite memory is making home made valentine cards with my kids, heaven forbid we would give out store bought ones - ha.

Happy Valentines Day! I'll have to check out Danita's class.


You did an outstanding job on these and your faces look great. I would love to have one of these for my Valentine decor and since Sunday is my birthday I think this would be an awesome birthday gift!


Jackie, you continually surprise me with your wide range of
talent. You are so gifted. Love your dolls! I can so see your
Valentine doll on my mantel for Valentine's Day! Happy Monday!


They are so adorable! I love Valentines Day all my favorite colors. Pink, Red Black and White lol Grace

kimberly budash

As I am in love with everything that you do, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have this doll for my doll collection. This lovely would sit really nice with my other dolls, and to receive for Valentine's Day would be extra special. Please pick me, pick me, just kidding, but if you do pick me, I would cherish this doll forever. Thanks for a chance to win some of your awesome art.

neta duke

The dolls are darling. My grand girl would love one for valentines,Since she has just had surgery on her heart it is a perfect gift for her small little heart and make us see she is on the mend and for her to always have this little doll. Neta Duke


Oh my gosh Jackie. Everyone of them are just precious! That little Valentine baby doll is adorable. Valentine's day is near and dear to my heart...our first grandchild was born on Valentine's Day! Happy Valentines Day to you!

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