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jan armentrout

Jackie...thanks so much for answering! Too bad the stamp is not available any longer...I LOVE the look on her face!!! SOOOOO many thoughts comin' through with that expression!!! ROFLOL
just me...appreciating your effort...jan


Jan I have had this stamp for a while. The store where it came from is no longer in business! I am so sorry! Thank You for asking! She has a sweet face and I love using her when I can.

jan armentrout

This project is just adorable...would it be wrong of me to ask which company produces this stamp?

just me...wondering...jan

Alisa Noble

Oh lordy, how cute!


Oh, wie süß die kleinen Girls.
Herrlich diese Gesichter und immer wieder anders geschmückt.

Die Muffins werde ich mir gleich kopieren.
Ich liebe Muffins, sie sind so super lecker.
Und das sieht so köstlich aus, so saftig.
Ich könnte gleich hinein beißen :-)

Liebe Grüße und danke...

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