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Sherry Jane

Dislike the snow? No way! My husband and I live in central Florida, and we're waiting for a good snow in western North Carolina. We'll be on our way in a flash! I do have to say, though, I understand that living in snow country could get quite taxing.

Thanks for sharing your talent. Your work is always amazing, and this shadowbox is no exception.

Grace and peace to you and your family during this beautiful Christmas season and throughout the upcoming year!

Kay Heath

Another one of your adorable creations - love your book! And I do love the snow, even tho I don't like cold weather! Thanks for your generous and fun giveaways. XOXO


I love snow! I used to make snow forts in CO and sit in them for hours playing house when I was little. I love being snowed in - esp. with the whole family - so we can play games and so puzzles and watch movies.


Well I do and don't. I lived in Maine and New Hampshire for 22 years. That is a lot of snow. The fluffy snow that comes down slow and silent is wonderful. Magical.
I live in Atlanta now and miss that kind of snow but not the icy side ways blowing snow.
Merry Christmas everyone.

Amy in Texas

Love that box. And the cake looks yummy!

Cindy Wilcox

Love the snow and your give aways. Thanks for sharing with us

Tee Faris

I'd love to win your treasure!

I love snow in fields where it lays undisturbed....until the cows come home :)


what a wonderful holiday treasure!

Bonnie Brock

The shadowbox book has such a sweet vintage feel and wouldn't be complete without a dusting of snow. Living in the Smokey Mtns. we have lovely snowfalls, peaceful to look at and shimmery in the sunlight.
Happy Holiday Wishes to you and yours.

Karen Morris

Cute shadow box! I like snow....for about 1 day...then I want it to be summer. LOL Merry Christmas, and thank you for all the classes and giveaways in 2012!


Of course I love the snow, there can never be too much SnOw...glitter, snow, sparkle...the more the merrier!


I like the first snowfall of the season, but I always hope it melts quickly!

Maria Nordin

I LOVE snow!!! I grew up in Kansas before moving to Arkansas at the age of 10. I lost most of my snow weather with that move, but I still had my Oklahoma Snow!!! I'm missing it right now.... maybe I will win the beautiful snowy shadowbox! Missing you too. XOXO


The shadowbox looks awesome! I like the snow, glittery is always better in my book. The cake looks very enticing; I'm sure not too many calories??? Thanks for sharing.

deb musick

Jackie, that little shadowbox book is wonderful. And I am still laughing over the notes between you & your sister from yesterday. What great memories.....I wish I could be there tonight--just to see everyone, and see that beautiful cake in person. But we have our huge Christmas extravanganza this weekend and final dress is tonight.

Merry Christmas to you and to all of my creative friends!.

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