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Lisa Nix

This brings back so many memories for me. I loved this so much!! Love you bunches thank you for sharing it put a smile on my face!!


That is so true to keep those notes!! I kept the ones my sons left before leaving the house as that was the rule.... they always had to let me know where they were. I've got one about fishing. Another about going to Disq-go-Round.. remember that store where you could sell your CD's or games? LOL! They are too precious as are yours! Thanks for sharing that!


Oh jAcKiE...I wish I had a sister that I had written funny notes to. You just made my day and gave me a smile! Being an only child, I guess I had lots of conversations with myself, well come to think about it, I sTiLL dO!!!


Precious. I can see those notes in one of your handmade journals! I still have my husband's letters and notes; they'll have to go with me when it's my time to go. xoxo


Love these notes - I have the love letters my dad wrote to my mom - they are priceless to me - I let our granddaughter read them last summer when she was here - part of her heritage. I also have saved little notes my hubby used to leave on my car when we were students at Baylor and others that he mailed me and I even have a note that an old boyfriend gave me in the 6th grade - such fun to look back and remember.

Kay Heath

I love this, Jackie! I too saved all the little notes my kids left around or gave me, and have saved them in a journal. Great memories! Thanks for sharing on your blog, I love it! If I don't see you before - have a wonderful Christmas! Love, Kay

Nancy Knox

I'm still laughing while writing this!!! I think it must be the sister thing even though I only had one sister. I don't remember leaving any great notes like these, but I do remember monopolizing the bathroom & wouldn't allow my sister to come in. She got so mad one time she kicked a hole in the door. Needless to say we both got in trouble for that incident & weren't allowed to lock the door anymore. But I soon figured out if you pulled the cabinet drawer all the way out that was next to the door that it would not allow anyone to enter the room. That one didn't last very long either except when my parents weren't home. LOL!!!

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