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Love, love love these. Been looking for a way to present my thoughts in a creative way. Do you sell kits for these. How do I find your blog


Love, Love your dolls! I love the legs!

Lisa Wehler

I would love for you to make me some of these dolls for my antique store can you contact me? lisawehlerstudio@aol.com Thanks, Lisa

Irene Maginniss

These are so COOL and clever. Inspiring. Thanks for sharing your creative endeavors. They make us happy!


These are fabulous dolls!

Dawn Close

Really STUNNING Jackie!

Thank you so much and your photos are so well
taken !!! Beautiful !!!

Shana Russell

these dolls are so wonderful, I am off to make some of my own!! thanks for the inspiration!!


jackie.. would you have the source for these wooden bodies.. i love these precious wooden dolls.. i have been trying to find a source for wooden dolls and happened upon your page.. these are great and as i see others love them as well.. can you help ? thanks . jaci

Debbie wiseman

Where did you get your kits? How are the legs made?


these are wonderful.
is laura from seattle? i saw an art exhibit there a few years ago, with art dolls very similar to these.

how do you connect the legs? are they wire? and sunk into the wood? do they dangle or are they stiff.

just lovely.


Please tell me where I can buy these, I must have one.
Amazing work, just wonderful.

Thanks, Becky


What a fabulous way to utilize all the vintage photos I have been collecting.... great idea! And such variation! Sometimes that can be the hardest part. Your blog is just a delight and it tickles me and inspires me each time I visit. Thanks for sharing your creative spirit!!


These are simply adorable!!!!!!!

Susan Reaney

Yikes, I just love those, Jackie! I don't know your teacher but they sure have your mark on them. I agree with the above...an online store and online tutorials...from you!

Becky B

Love these, Jackie!


These are just CRAZY COOL! I think Laura Robberts is our kind of gal! I'm so happy you found her and let loose in fine Jackie fashion! :)! LOVE their little personalities!

Lesa (Garduno) Petty

Very clever and innovative! I love them. Nice work!!!

Deborah Peysen

I have just found your blog. Your talent is awesome. I love all the dolls and dresses you do. I notice you teach at a store. Have you ever thought of making kits for sell for people who can not make your classes. I would love to do some of the projects.

Debbie Peysen

Beth Manning

Oh my... These are to die for . Is there anything you can't do??? LOVE these!!!! Hope you decide to sell a few!!



Amy baldwin

Beautifully creative dolls Jackie! Love the whimsical feel. As for this yucky weather, I have had enough of it! The tornado in Norman touched down 2 blocks from our house!

Lana Kloch

OMG! these are more than precious. i love what you have created. despite breaking bits and using new tools, you have captured something so unique.

i have to look up this class as well. thank you for sharing..xoxo

Fran M

So adorable! I want to buy one or two or three - are you gong to be selling them? I hope so.


Oh how cute! I love those!


Oh my stars!!! I love them! They are so cute! You are so so so inspiring. Really. I really WANT you to know that. I mean KNOW that... for real. Love!

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