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Teresa Young

Jackie...I read your blog in complete amazement of all your wonderful talents. I don't think I have ever known anyone that creates in any media form like you. I love reading your blog...its beautiful, like you.

Lana Kloch

too awesome, jackie..i'm left speechless at how successfully the party turned out... thanks for sharing these photos...priceless..xoxo


how gorgeous! love all the beautiful, handmade details, makes it even more special!



I'm so disappointed I didn't get to come to Cindy's shower! I would have loved to have seen all the beautiful decorations! And, Cindy, of course! Everything looked beautiful! Linda

Susan Reaney

INcredible, Jackie. You are your friends sure know how to create a magical party! The bride to be looks so happy. It all looks so soft and feels like a fairy tale!


So lovely! I knew Cindy was getting married (it came up when we were discussing dates). I'll have to make a cottage just for her *wink*

Love, Colette

Maria Nordin

So beautiful, just like the beaming Bride to Be!!! Love and miss all of you. XOXO~Maria


Such a fun afternoon. I am just so happy to be able to call this group of ladies my friends. Glad that Cindy and her fabulous store have brought us all together. Wishing Cindy & Austin many years of happiness.

Robin Thomas

Why oh why does all the good stuff happen at once! Every single thing. And every single person looks beautiful.

You are so awesome, really truly. I wish Cindy and Austin such happiness.


Such a beautiful day ~ so sad I missed it! Looks like you all had a wonderful time. Thank you Jackie, for sharing with us!


JaCkIe...what a truly beautiful party! i am so happy for CiNdY and grateful for all the awesome women that now share friendships, all because of the Paper Crown! thank you, sweet friend, for all the magic you bring to our lives...

holly abston

It was such a fun day and everything was SO BEAUTIFUL!

Lesa (Garduno) Petty

Very nicely done!!

deb musick

Your creativity is amazing. The cooking are so beautiful and all of the decorations. And the book for Cindy! Wow! That is a keepsake, for sure. I am very happy for Cindy! What a wonderful fairy tale! Thank you for sharing.

Cindy Braziel

Beautiful!!!! Looks like everyone had a great time and the food looks magnificent. You really know how to throw a party!!!

Becky B

I'm so disappointed that I could not be there! It looks like the amazing celebration I expected it would! Best wishes to the sweet bride.


Simply STUNNING, Jackie! I'm sitting here in SLC so bummed I missed this. Your creativity never ceases to AMAZE me! I'm so thrilled for Cindy and Austin. LOVE the pic of Cindy and her girls...GORGEOUS!

Eve Manca

OMG!!! Thank you so much for the inspiration and sharing of this wonderful event! You are sooooo talented and generous to allow us to see what you have created!

Cindy Winter

I was truly a magical afternoon. I am so very blessed to have such thoughtful, nice and talented friends. Thank you all for the most amazing shower. Much love, C

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