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Amazing post! i am so thankful to you! quite informative and interesting as well... appreciate your efforts!

Lesa (Garduno) Petty

Looks like a good time was had by all. My mouth is still watering over those strawberry/chocolate dipped cupcakes!!

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Thanks i like your blog very much , i come back most days to find new posts like this.

Robin Thomas

That's how awesome you are Jackie!

Lana Kloch

cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experiences we have had @ paper crown...jackie...you were so awesome and awe-inspiring. the colorful tea party and the hand made name tags for the entire class left me speechless, but not for long.

your talents are far reaching and anyone able to take a class from you will learn much and have a unique experience.

we can't wait to share this unforgettable experience w/ your art sisters on the west coast and, i'm sure catherine moores' family...the entire usa and beyong.

know we are changed forever by your thoughtfulness and kindness. your area of the usa is very special and a well kept secret.

please visit me when you are in the sf/bay area anytime...and we were play again.


OH my goodness !!! well I live in GA not but an hour away -- but no classes here :)
I love her things -- and am ready to buy several --i love paperdolls -- really any type of paper art - But her stamps are wonderful --- Can't wait to se your creations . Kathy - ga ♥


JaCkIe...well, just let me say, it has been way too long since i've gotten to take one of your fun classes, and, then getting to be in class with Catherine...stop it!!! what a delightful surprise. and i had such fun talking & laughing with friends that i miss like crazy. i truly enjoyed every minute of the evening. thank you, sweet friend...


I wish I was there. What a special day to have Catherine attend your workshop. My sister Lana knows how to have a great time!

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