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holly abston

I love all these photos, Jackie and all the sweet things you said about all of us. I miss you girls!

Robin Thomas

Jackie, your pictures show how happy we are we're to be together.

Thank you so much for being the greatest paper artist in Oklahoma and for the Market that you and Cindybhave made possible.

I love you!


jackie...your blue gum is showing too...i love that about us!!!


always a pleasure to be your helper, jackie! it was so fun to be a part of glitter market & see all my wonderful friends, who i miss dearly. you all make me smile & for that, i am grateful!!! i think my blue gum was showing in our picture, what else is new...

deb musick

The whole place was total eye candy! I enjoyed seeing everyone--I miss you all when I don't get to take classes as often as I want. everything was beautiful! Such mega talent in one room! Wow!

Cindy, you are wonderful for taking this on. Thanks!


Wow, we all look great! That was the only time that we were smiling and not eating or talking! Or crying...

I look forward to Glitter Market each year just to spend time with you all! Thanks, Cindy for putting on another show!

Carla Henderson

My daughter and I enjoyed our first GM visit and had such a difficult time deciding what treasures had to come home with us as we wanted everything. What a wonderful group of artists and I feel so very blessed to have visited such talent. Everything was beautiful!!


I'm so happy that I made it to Glitter Market this year! So many fabulous things and great vendors. :)

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