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Fall is my favorite season. I love the cool, crisp feel in the air and the gorgeous colors!
The pumpkin carriage is beautiful! I'd be delighted to win!


JaCkIe...as you know, fall is my most favorite time of the whole year! the first cool, crisp morning signals "pumpkin weather" for me. i can't wait for all the tricks & treats of halloween. i start locating my costume & dusting off my witches hat. i am so glad to have my grand-daughters that can appreciate a mima that still likes to dress up with them on halloween night. and that's what i LoVe about fall, my friend...

Kat W

Awwww...Fall, to me, means my birthday! What delicious childhood memories of Thanksgivings at my grandma and grandpa's home with aunts, uncles, and tons of cousins. And Thanksgivings were extra special when my birthday fell on that day. It just doesn't get better than that! If I win the lovely coach it will be any early birthday for me!

Fran M

Spring used to be my favorite season, but fall took over several years ago, mostly because the colors go so well with our home. And after the brutal summer we just had I think we all are more than ready for the cooler weather I haven't gotten out our decorations yet, but can't wait to do so, and this pumpkin carriage would be such a beautiful addition to all of our fall decor.

Sharon Harbolt

Hi Jackie,

First of all, you get to have your trees trimed by an expert! What better way than to have your handsome son do it for you. Very nice pictures.

Fall is a time to start wrapping up the year. For me it is a time to enjoy nature at it's best, the beautiful colors of Fall, the smells of fireplaces waking-up, and comfort food being prepared. It is the resurgence of new energy and the change of season. A time for lots of activity and fun. Decorations are dusted off and placed strategically around homes and yards. I love love love this time of the year. So light that fireplace and enjoy the wine. Many blessings and hugs,

Sharon Harbolt

Brenda Wright

The carriage is awesome...wouldn't you love to be pulled away in it?!?!?!? Fall...mmmmm...probably I love the cool crisp weather...I love the colors of fall leaves and the colors of clothes...not always how my jeans FIT!!!... I love the foods you get to cook...chicken and noodles, chili and spice like cakes and pies...you would know that eating would be a part of Fall!!! Love that you share with all of us...Happy Fall Y'all!!!

debbie musick

I love the morning chill in the air; pulling on a sweatshirt and jeans to take Jack for a walk.I love all the wonderful colors--the oranges and the golds of the trees, the big pots of mums,season!

Melissa Mortimer

I love the cool crisp feeling of an autumn day when you can smell the chill in the air, so fresh and invigorating. Love love love FALL!!! After all the triple digits i have never been more ready for fall. ;) I also love your decorating ideas, you are so full of inspiration. Thanks for being YOU!

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