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Carla Henderson

Super project..always enjoy the pics from the classes..xo


Looks like I missed another one! This really looks like fun and all of the fished ones are wonderful. Once we get school started and orientations complete, I will have my class time open again!
I hope you do this again.

Lisa Yates

Jackie - I had a great time at the class and I know Charla did too. Thanks for being such a great teacher...you took total novices and helped us make something so cute..that is definitely a gift!! So add great teacher to your many talents : )

Lisa Yates


yummy recipe...cutest class project ever...!

Lesa (Garduno) Petty

That recipe sounds wonderful; I can't wait to make it. I love the decoupage glasses. Great idea!


I make the pimento chesse all of the time..my Grandmother's recipe... but adding the jalapeno's is such a wonderful idea!!
Thanks for the recipe!!
Your class looked wonderful as always..one day I am going to make it to the big ole' city and take one!!
Blessings for a wonderful day!

Cindy B

Cute, cute, cute !!! I hope you'll do another class...I hated that I already had something on the calendar and had to miss this one.

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