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jackie...so glad you are back, missed you! looks like you guys had so much fun! love the woodies, love airstreams, love vw bugs!!! next time you go back to slo, i believe i'll have it arranged where tom just can't get away from work...


Oh ~ one day I am definitely going to have a beach house! I love Oklahoma but I so miss the shoreline.
Looks like you had a nice trip Jackie!
See you soon! :)


Swoon...I'd love to have a cool woodie as well. Such an awesome vehicle and these are in great shape! That store looks lovely as well!!

Lesa (Garduno) Petty

I miss living by the beach too! Looks like you had another wonderful vacation!


Glad you're home! I have missed you. Can't wait to see what treasures you found and other beautiful places you visited.

Karen Morris

Hi Jackie- Thank you for sharing the pictures of the old Woodies...I love them too! I have always wanted to have one someday...Along with a restored vintage airstream travel trailer! What fun that would be. Have a wonderful vacation and thanks for sharing...my heart was smiling when I saw the photos. Karen Morris

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