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I can smell that bread through these pages, Jackie! My mom made bread all the time when I was growing up. She'd slice it while it was still warm and slather it with butter. Gee...I'm drooling now. Where's my bib? :)

Susan Reaney

The spellcheck on IPad is so idiotic. I don't know how they made "Kobe" out of "move"!!!

Susan Reaney

Your bread recipe looks incredible. I love good old white bread with butter and your sweet rolls...oh, yum. I have not gotten out mu bread maker for years because we were enjoying it too much. Some day I will learn moderation in all thins...ha!

Once again, I would love to take your classes and think I should either Kobe to OKC or you should teach at Creative Connection! They all look like something I would love but I would have to work hard at keeping my mouth shut!

Sending you hugs, dear woman!


I would LOVE to do a Christmas recipe book! I'm going to be on vacation the first two weeks of June so I hope I don't miss out on any of your *awesome* classes!
The mermaid class looks great and I want to sign up right now but I have to wait for it to get a little closer.
Your bread and rolls look delicious - I can almost smell them from here....


would lOVE to have that recipe!
looks so good!
the apron class looks like a wonderful one. i hope you do another one..
happy sunday!

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