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OMG!! I totally love this!! I have a card that I use when I go to Mt. Dora antiquing and have been wanting to make a liner for the longest time. Just need to get my butt in gear. Any helpful hints??

Sharon Harbolt

Oh Jackie, it is so wonderful. Like you, I learned to sew at an early age. It was a gift from my mom that never stops giving. I love the color, the liner fabric, and the bows make it look extra fancy. I have had one of those (not to steal your thunder) and you have inspired me! I am going to put great big buttons on mine and perhaps some of those beautiful bows. Lots of huggies to you

Sharon H.

Sharon, Morrison Mercantile

I found a trash can, like your cart, at TJMaxx and the lining is French fabric with writing on it. I think it was $20. Love it and love your cart!!


How awesome Jackie! Was the fabric already that awesome print or did you stamp it?


Of course, you would find the perfect basket! It's lovely, and your liner is perfect. Enjoy!


oh, it's lovely!!! and, the color is fantastic! that's a real find!

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