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lorie summers

jackie, the pillows are adorable. so sorry I missed glitter mkt. I have to tell you I have the best MOM ever. always on our side,loves all of equally.shes says her proudest accomplishment is that we all 3 like each other. thanks L

Lesa (Garduno) Petty

Looks like a ton of fun and wonderful items for sale!! Everyone's work is so special and unique. Such talent under one roof!

Susan Reaney

Unreal. Pure and simple. I need to go back and enlarge your pictures. I adore those "Colette Pillows." What a great idea and how like Colette to share her brilliance (with your brilliance!).
I am so glad it went well. I would love to come someday...and take in a class, too!


oh JaCkIe, what a fun day!!! it is always so much fun when the door opens and to see the smiles of the ladies we love! and, you are not dis-organized in the least, you are an artful spirit, big difference! i love to help you and be your side~kick...and always will. your booth looked awesome and i could see all the hard and loving work you put into it all...


What fun we had!!! Cindy & I LOVED our road trip & I do adore the treasures I got. THERE WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH MORE I WANTED! But, darn if those other girls didn't beat me to them. It was so nice to meet your sweet Momma & to see Franc again. Your booth was amazing & I KNOW you had a great show. GOOD FOR YOU FOR YOU WORKED HARD & DESERVE A BREAK NOW! Hugs


Thank you for the glimpse of what I missed!!! It was all so beautiful. I will say again... those in the OKC area have no idea how fortunate you area :-) I'm having art and friend withdrawl... I will be visiting from Atlanta again as soon as possible!!!!!



Oh, I'm just now getting around as I went out last night until 1:30! What was I thinking?? I have a great time yesterday with everyone, there was so much great stuff! I like the picture of Cindy (my red shoe mate).


Oh my! As disappointed as I am in myself for not beginning my Glitter Market preparations earlier, I am somewhat relieved as I would NEVER be able to compete with your wonderful booth. It's AMAZING. Seriously. I can totally see how you make Glitter Market what it is. I love your wall art pieces, did they all sell?

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