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Saw another tut that put the piece in the oven at 400-450. You soak it in 5 parts vinegar/1 part salt for an hour. (They used dark vinegar, basalmic or malt.)
Bake for 60 min
Dip for 5 min
Bake for another 30
Dip again and let cool


I want to join your site but having trouble signing up. Is it possible by email? Jann

Marsha Goldblatt

I just read about this yesterday as a weed killer. When you're finished with it as a patina, pour it out on your weeds. But not on plants. Do you rinse off the brass before sealing???


I love these. They are beautiful. I cant wait to try it out. Do you know where I could buy brass like that? Where do you get yours?


Thank you for posting. I soaked copper and brass in a similar solution for 2 weeks. Really took the finish off - with a green cast -your results are better.
Will try.


In my miniature world, I have done a lot of 'aging' to get the patina right on certain metal bits. Most of them involve painting to age. I have not tried this method, but I will, and very soon.



I love your post. But also another way (I've done this many times) Get a bucket of dirt. Lay your items on foil and pour salt over top, mist with vinegar. Roll up loosely and bury in the bucket of dirt. Then water the dirt. Come back in a few days.
Unroll the foil, shake of the salt and let dry. Don't touch the green stuff, spray with clear. Tada!!!


Is your son married? Love the patina and will have to try it. Thanks so much!


Love It! Do you know if there is anything you can do to silver to age it?

Thespoena McLaughlin

AWESOME! Love it! Thanks for sharing!

Amy Baldwin

I will definitely give this a try! Absolutely love the patina look!


I LOVE this, Jackie! Thanks for sharing...you are so sweet! I LOVE that Franc is a "crap magnet!" lol

Sue Irvine


Shelley Overholt

That is really cool and I like that it is something you got to mix together yourself!! I love the effect. ~Shelley


oh jackie,
what you can do on a day full of snow...i like it! i must try it, but right now i am knee deep in piles of stuff...when you live in an old house with very little closet space you tend to cram them full and i'm such a "saver". a friend of mine once told me that i'm a crap magnet and she might be right...oh my! until next time...


I have several of those charms but never use them because they are so shiny, thanks for the information. Now I need to get to the store and buy a sealer, if only I could get out of my driveway.

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