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Sharon Harbolt

Jackie, I can't stand it. THESE ARE SOOOO CUTE! I am going to try and make one. FANTASTIC, your blog is so great and I am so glad you went to Silver Bella. I AM GOING!!!!!!

Love it,


Peggy Lee

Love Love your artwork!!!!!

Robin Thomas

So many things to comment on...love the seam binding fringe, and how you used the little silk covered French General snaps. Wonderful. I have not even pulled mine out of the bag I brought them home in...
Soon, I hope. I was thinking they would be cute on a long skinny linen or muslin pillow...


Your little dresses are adorable! Would love to see how you decide to display them. Can't wait to see what else you'll be posting from your classes.

Sharon :-)

Colette Copeland

Congratulations!! They are so beautiful, and I love how you turned the silky ribbon into a trim for one of the dresses.
Thanks for making me look good (!), but all of you in that class were magnificent.


Oh, how cute! I heard that Collette was a wonderful person - hope to get to take one of her classes one day.
I need to be working on finishing up my Silver Bella projects too ~ looking at this coming month's schedule is going to be busy, busy, busy! I'm feeling energized though and am looking so forward to a productive month.

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