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Carla Henderson

Mine is not nearly as loaded and I haven't seen it for quite some time. I must go look for her. I have the cockoo clock and the weights are moveable. I have a junk charm bracelet started. Need to unearth it also and add some more junk to it. Blasts from the past. :-)

Fran McClintock

Love this - I too had one in high school and it was full like yours - not quite sure where it is, but I have bee thinking about digging it out lately. Then after we had our son Mike gave me a new one with a little boys head charm and our son's BD on the back. I have kept it with just the single charm - I had some other things I thought about adding after my parents died, but I have lost a lot of things over the years!


Wow! What a treasure of charms you have. So fun! I have a sterling silver charm bracelet that I got in high school. My first charm was a round disc with my initial engraved in it. I love charms! I also have a Pandora bracelet with special charms. ❤️

Nancy Hazelbaker

In Jr. High and High School, I belonged to the Tick Tockers National Charity League South Coast Chapter in Southern California. It was a mother/daughter organization. We did charity work, and earned charms for our charm bracelets. In college I lost my charm bracelet, and to this day I am so sick that I don't have it! My husband bought me a gold charm bracelet from a jeweler in Sun Valley, Idaho, and every time I go on a trip, or celebrate a special event in our lives, I buy a charm. It will be an heirloom for my daughter someday, and she better not lose it!!!

Becky Bullard

I've started charm bracelets for each one of my girls. And I have a gold one my mom started for me. Love these- and i think i need a doughnut charm now! :-)

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

I had a silver charm bracelet but don't know what happened to it. My mom was always one to give things away since we lived in a small ranch house with no basement. She even got rid of my Madam Alexander doll but have my Nancy Ann collection. My husband started me on a gold charm bracelet which I treasure. I am a saver but when I downsized had to pick those items which I really loved. So my daughters and dear friends received some items. It is fun to see them being used. Now I don't save things to use for special; just use them everyday.

Roz Grage

I never had a charm bracelet as a kid even though I did grow up in the 60's and 70's. Yours is beautiful and FULL! Last year my husband was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It's been a hard year, but we have packed in many good times. We decided to start a charm bracelet documenting all the trips and good things about our time left. There are many charms from places we have visited, including Hawaii, Sanibel Island and even Oklahoma. Probably my most favorite charm is from our 40th wedding anniversary that we celebrated in June. A side note, we moved from Oklahoma two years ago, and are now living in Minnesota close to family.

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