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I don't know how you doing but I'm so glad you do! These are amazing!! Love those girls! LOVE them!! ❤️

Jeri seefeldt

As always...it is adorable!


Omg just so so cute. All I can say is pweeeese pick me. Finger pointing to Me, me me, me!!!!!!


If I could be the little Alice in wonderland I would need a friend made by you🐛

Terri W.

So cute, Jackie! I rarely wear jewelry but I love to bling up my handbags. Thanks for the chance to win. See you soon!

Kim Budash

Absolutely beautiful, like everything you do. Would love to win one of these, love all that you do. Thanks for the chance to win something lovely from your creative hands. Take care.


So creative and cute; love the colors. I want!


So darn cute!


Jackie, these are adorable!

Jennalee Anderson

Oh, my goodness, gracious!! Those tiny little shrink dolls are perfection!! A friend and I were discussing shrink plastic a couple weeks ago and we ran across Julie's blog. Who knew you could create such beauty from shrinking plastic?

Beth Manning

One of these would be so so so cute hanging on my planner! How do you think of all these cute things!

Amy in Texas

Loving the color on these baubles! Tossing my name into the hat. Thanks so much!

Brenda D.

I love everything, especially those glasses! My keys need one of those adorable rings. Your bracelets are amazing, too!!

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

Oh I would love to win a Jackie creation. Today is my birthday and my parents' 72nd anniversary would have been on August 4th. Both of these dates bring me JOY and at the same time missing three important people in my life. Would love to spend some time on a bench on this beautiful day and just talk. Have a lovely day.

Becky Bullard

me, me, me! oh please, randomly pick me!!! ;-)
so stinkin' adorable!

Fran McClintock

Ohh - I want one! Or maybe some for gifts!

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