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This is one of the cutest covers you've made so far!! Becky did have a good eye for that cute towel from Anthropologie! (BTW - I think I saw an adorable cat apron there that had her name on it.).

Anyway, my favorite part of summer is all of the fresh fruit, herbs & vegetables from my garden & going to the farmer's market to get even more homegrown things to eat!! Makes for the best meals all summer long! So glad to finally have some tomatoes that have some flavor to them!


I love when special friends come to visit in the summer. *wink *wink! I love the sound of the bullfrogs and crickets. I love that it's finally warm enough to enjoy our patio and watch the sun set. I especially love this giveaway! It's just absolutely adorable. I want to go shopping for t-towels now. My clean hair friend is soooo smart! 😉😊


Love early morning coffee on the patio, all the beautiful flowers and plants and those awesome summer sunsets. Like that old song says "roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer - those days of soda and pretzels and beer (oops)- maybe shoulda said ice cream. :-)

Carla Henderson

Makes me a little crazy wanting to fondle the project and trying to guess how you did it. Summer is perfect for family time, adventures and just trying to stay cool if needed. Just know how grateful we are to treasure your talent shared. 💖🦋

Irene Cortez

Oh my, I forgot to say what I love about summer. Well, I like it when I can wear shorts outside. The trees and grass are beautiful shades of green. I moved to Arkansas from California four years ago. I was able to retire and live with my husband and son in a quiet southern town where people still greet each other in the streets. I love that so much. Love the changing of the seasons. I am blessed to be living another summer that's all I can say. Well, that's not all I can say but, enjoy life💕

Irene Cortez

Oh my goodness. I found your class photos on Pinterest of the little ladies with the swans in their arms. I fell in love. I so wish you were closer to my home in Arkansas. I would love to take your classes. Love the hand stitching on the binder covers too❤️❤️. I would be so honored to win one. I am following you from now on. Love your art. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talents with us. God bless.


I love everything about summer! I am a summer girl. I love the long, hot days, the feel of sun on my skin, the smell of all the cook-outs, the birds singing, the smell of fresh grass, the beautiful flowers in bloom, the carefree feeling the summer brings. I love swimming and drip-drying in the hot summer sun, I love light-weight clothes, going for ice cream, and just the feeling of freedom!

Nancy Hazelbaker

I love everything you create, Jackie! I always start summer by playing the Carole King Tapestry album real loud from my garage so my whole neighborhood can hear it, and riding my Electra cruiser bike on a warm summer day.


Jackie, this cover is to die for!!! I can't imagine you parting with it but someone will get to treasure it! My favorite part of summer is the lessening of responsibilities and schedules. Oh, and a good, long read!!!

Norma McRae

I love summer mornings when the air is still clean and crisp and the birds are beginning to sing as the sun comes up and starts a fresh new day.

Lorie Summers

Favorite part of summer is Air conditioning!!!

Lorie Summers

Adorable. Especially the girl on the bike. Favorite conditioning!!!!!!!

Brenda D.

I love this binder. What a wonderful towel you found! Sitting outside with family after it cools down in the evening is my favorite thing to do in the summer. It's so relaxing and makes me feel like all is right with the world!

Brenda D.

I love this binder. What a wonderful towel you found! Sitting outside with family after it cools down in the evening is my favorite thing to do in the summer. It's so relaxing and makes me feel like all is right with the world!

Debbie Musick

I love the yard being filled with colorful flowers; the green carpet of grass; and normally the short road trips. Hopefully, when my knee heals, I can resume my summer dreams, with a trip to Waco, Pawhuska, and more! And fill this precious album with photos of these adventures.

Glad you're back, JACKIE!

Kim Budash

Love all that you do, and say it every time I enter a contest, lol. My most favorite thing to do in the Summer is work in my garden, work in my herb garden and sit out on the porch and stitch all day long. Thanks for a chance, again, to win something awesome from you. Absolutely love your blog and missed you while you took a short break!!

Beth Manning

You find the cutest fabrics! My favorite part of summer is getting to spend weekends at the lake with my family and especially watching my grandkids enjoying our special place!

Lisa Nix

Omg I hate that I missed this class. I love everything about summer, sun, swimming vacation, cooking out and time with family and Libby home and no crazy rushing around. Summer makes me just Happy!!!

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

Love your designs and especially the sunglasses; reminds me of summer for sure. Love to go to the farmers' markets and especially when it is peach season. I don't volunteer at schools so can sleep in or stay up late and have more time with my grandchildren. Have a great summer.

Laura S

So beautiful and unique!!! My favorite part of summer is that wonderful time of twilight just before the close of the day when you can comfortably be outside and enjoy the fresh breeze and wonderful scents of all the flowers!

Fran McClintock

Absolutely love this fabric! My favorite things about summer is that not only do the days seem so laid back, but the fresh fruits and veggies are so yummy and the grass is green and the flowers and bushes are blooming - I hate those brown lawns and bare trees in winter!

Becky Bullard

This is possibly my favorite cover that you've done! Love the houses!
The best thing about summer for me is having my girls all at home with me and the lack of distractions and busy-ness from school and sports.

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