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Brenda D.

My birthday is on St. Patricks Day, so it always seems like a holiday. I spend it with my family which makes it special. Happy birthday to you, Jackie!! I love all the things you're making this summer. You truly are inspired!


Happy Birthday Month! I like this concept. 😍
My favorite birthday tradition is the made from scratch, Southern Carmel Cake my husband always makes for me.. and lots of loved ones to share it with!

Carla Henderson

H❤️Ppy BIrThD❤️Y Jacki❣️❣️ I love all month long birthdays many of the days filled with lunchs and long visits. Sunday will be our 51st Anniversary, so a special day for me. Your pin cushions are charming.

Veronica B

I'm almost a Halloween baby, so love to celebrate my birthday with a costume party! Always love to see the costumes people come up with!


Happy birthday! I like to celebrate birthdays with family.

Beth Manning

Happy Birthday month Jackie. I love celebrating my birthday by being with my husband, kids & grandkids. Doesn't really matter what we do, as long as we are together.

Becky Bullard

My favorite way to spend my birthday is to go out to eat with my family and to have a breakfast or lunch with my hip and swanky friends. <3 :-)


I just celebrated my birthday with shopping with Kira and dinner out with the 4 of us here in Utah. It was perfect! It's the little things that make the happiest. 😊 happy early birthday, my sweet friend! 💖


Happy Birthday month Jackie! I have a December birthday and since that month tends to be a little crazy I just like to have a quiet evening with my family and count my blessings!

Kim Budash

Happy Birthday Jackie. I love to celebrate my birthday in a simple way. Just with my family, cake and ice cream and just being together. Last year my sister hosted a dinner for me, she lives about 3 hours away from where I live, and it was really very nice. Any time spent with family is time well spent. Thanks for a chance to win something awesome!! Love all that you do!

Suzy smith

You derserve a whole month of 🎊
My favorite birthdays are spent in a new and different time zone discovering🕵🏻‍♀️
If my perfect day would be Travis and I taking a group of my paper crown friends on a magical mystery tour of crafting, food and laughter (lots of laughter)!🤗

Fran McClintock

I love these little pin cushions - hope I win! I usually spend my birthday going out to eat with family or friends - my birthday is 5 days before Valentine's Day - so I feel I get to celebrate the whole month!

Lisa S

Happy Birthday, Jackie! My birthday is at the end of this month. I like to reflect over the past year and make plans for what my next year has in store. I like a nice, quiet day spent doing whatever I want - crafting, shopping, eating, napping.

Norma McRae

Happy Birthday Jackie!!! I have a birthday this month as well. It has been somewhat of a tradition for the last 10 years or so that I spend the week of my birthday in Santa Fe. So I'm really looking forward to it. Hope you have something planned as well.

Randi Cook

Happy Birthday! My birthday is this month too. Think I want to go zip-lining.

Angela burks

Happy Birthday month!.....my favorite is be surrounded by those you love and a homemade birthday cake!

Ann Barnes

Happiest of birthdays to you! My favorite way to celebrate my birthday is with my family, nothing extraordinary, just sharing time together and reminiscing over a simple dinner and, of course, cake for dessert!

Colleen Barata

My favorite way to spend a my birthday is to have my friends over for tea and cake or if it is the weekend, a meal. I hope you have a wonderful birthday !

debbie musick

Happy birthday month, Jackie! I hope you celebrate all 30 days!! My favorite birthdays are those spent at home, with lots of family, friends, good food and many laughs!!

Amy in Texas

My birthday is in February and I like dinner out and then back home for made from scratch red velvet cake. Yum!!

Happy birthday!

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

Happy, happy birthday, Jackie. I have a summer birthday in July. Celebrate with friends; my one brother has a birthday in July and my sister-in-law. So there are many luncheons plus a dear friend has a special birthday dinner for July birthday friends as her birthday is that month also (plus we take a day to do fun things and have breakfast and lunch out). I also love celebrating with my daughters and their families. So JULY is a fabulous birthday month!!!

Alice Noriega

Yay!! It's my birthday month too! My two favorite ways to celebrate is with my sisters and another celebration with my close friends. Always a treat.
Happy birthday! 🌷 Alice

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