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Kim Budash

Love both of these items, as having anything from your creative hands would be great! I will be spending Easter with my sister and her family this year as she just lost her husband in December and this will be her first Easter without him in 34 years. This is truly a "transitional" year for our family, but we will get through it as we are strong, love each other unconditionally and have a faith in God. Thanks for the chance to win something awesome, love your blog!!

Lesa Petty

We are planning to take Int'l students from the University of Arkansas to Turner Falls in Oklahoma to a weekend retreat where they will learn the meaning of Easter. Should be fun!!

Beth Manning

Love both of these projects! We will have brunch with Jenna and her family and spend some time watching Walker search for Easter treasures. Going to be a little quieter this year since Justin's family will be out of town for the holidays. Hope to see everyone soon at Glitter Retreat!

Alice Noriega

Hello Jackie. Love the Easter Book! In fact I purchased the kit and will pick it up during Glitter Retreat (so excited!).
I know you're not able to prepare instructions so I planned to take pictures of the sample when I'm there. If I'm not the lucky winner, I'd sure appreciate some pictures. ๐Ÿ˜Œ
Easter plans include being with my family and preparing for Glitter Retreat! See you soon. ๐ŸŒท Alice

Brenda Durnbaugh

You have outdone yourself on these precious giveaways! I would love to have one of them! Our family will go to church and have lunch together. I hope you have a blessed Easter, Jackie!

Suzy smith

Will have traditional dinner for my mom, Travis and I then playing with my toys for glitter retreat. Bunnies, bunnies bunnies๐Ÿฐ๐Ÿ‘‘


How exciting! I love the "A Joyous Easter" egg piece! Your Easter Egg classes are my favorites!!! Our Easter will be more quiet than usual. Cara (my youngest) will be in Minneapolis working. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ We will miss her, and she will be a bit lonely.

Becki Paulson

So excited for Easter this year and starting new family traditions with our sweet baby boys!!!! Church, food, family, love and laughter! Jackie, love your giveaways. I was so sad to miss the Easter Tales class and I'm excited you are giving us a chance to win it!!! Have a wonderful Easter with your family!


Wanted to take the Easter book class, however, it didn't work out. Easter will be spent going to church and having a family dinner afterwards, always precious due to the elders in our families that may not be around next year. Will be taking much-needed photo's to memorialize the gatherimg. May hide a few eggs inside for them to find. It's amazing how childlike and competitive they can become when fun and games are involved!

Fran McClintock

It will be a quiet one for us at home - maybe doing some art? Love both of these giveaways!

Lisa S

I'll be cooking a nice dinner for Doug and me and enjoying the day at home. :)

Cindy Braziel

Love, love, love the memory book. Was really hoping I could take the class but hopefully I'll get back into classes soon. I will spend Easter with my grandgirls. The two older ones probably think they're too old but their Mimi thinks they'll never be too old for Easter fun. Thanks for sharing Jackie. Hope to see you soon.

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

Saw that book when I was at the shop. It is so, so cute. Easter will be spent at my brother's house this year for dinner. Will go to church a lot during Holy Week. Am working on the gift bags for the grandchildren. I am sure I will be taking a dish to my brother's but don't know what it is yet. Have a great holiday with your family.

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