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It doesn't bother me because I don't sleep anyway! Haha! I love that it stays lighter longer and I love that it's March! The snow is just about all melted and it's almost time to landscape!! An architectural landscaper cane out today and will have some designs for us as early as tomorrow! Can't wait! ❤


Beautiful artwork and beautiful home. What else can I say?

Lorie Summers

Love daylight savings time. Wish we would never have to spring forward ever again. Would rather go to work in the dark than come home in the dark. I am NOT an early morning girl ! Agree with everyone about the flowers budding trees, birds building nests in the big bush outside my windows and the warmth of spring days. Great time to be aluve


Bunnies, bunnies, bunnies! I only like this time of year for the bunnies🐰
They are happy and hoppy and floppy and make me laugh
If time stood still and never went back or forward I would be happy cause of bunnies🐇

Norma McRae

Spring is my favorite time of the year!! All the flowers are coming up and the trees get their leaves. I don't like naked trees.

Kim Budash

Not only do I love daylight savings time, but I also love Sandra Magsamen and have tons of her items. She is originally from Baltimore, before moving herself and her warehouse to another state and my sister would go to her open houses the last several years and purchase her items for gifts for me and my family. I absolutely love her style, and her calendar of inspirational sayings is something I just have to have every year. Love daylight savings time because it gets lighter out earlier, and I love that. Would love to win something from your awesome blog and from Sandra, thanks for the chance!!

Denise Bryant

Love this time of year! The days are getting warmer (we are into the 60's now!) and my plants on the deck are all coming to life! I love the extra daylight time too.
Lots of birthdays in my family in March also. My grandfather's was on the 7th and my Mom's was on the 8th. They are both gone now but I still think of celebrating their days for them, and mine is on the 16th!
Thanks for a chance to win a fabulous prize!

Teresa Young

I love this time of year..more daylight, springtime, working in my flower garden. Its all inspirational. Thanks you for your beautiful give-a-ways, but more thank you for your beautiful blog with its constant inspiration...just like you.

Dawn Seeman

I love March! It is the birthday month of my two children. Extra sunlight means summer is just around the corner.

Christine Mack

I wish I could spell. Trees get leaves and I get allergies.

Christine Mack

I like March and Spring for the flowers blooming and the trees leering out, but I dislike March and Spring because it makes my allergies bloom along with the blooms and leaves. I like daylight savings for the extra light.


Even though you can get all 4 seasons in a week in the Texas Panhandle in March, I love it! I also love daylight savings time. I dont go to work in the dark and come home in the dark! Beautiful photos on your blog.


You always come up with the best ideas Jackie and I truly believe you do live an artful life - from your projects to the special peeks of your home. I'm ambivalent about daylight savings time - I love all the seasons (just not the tornados!)so I'm happy either way.

Fran McClintock

I dislike Daylight Savings Time - I would like for us to do away with it - I didn't always, but for some reason as I get older it bothers me. Spring used to be my favorite time of year, but now I love fall - I do love the green grass and trees over the dull winter, but I dread the stormy spring weather in OK.

Laura S

This daylight Savings Time is also my favorite time of the year, I'd honestly prefer it to just stay like it will be in a couple of days and not fall back the hour in the fall, it's so depressing when that day comes! I also love that the snow is finally melting or melted and the flowers are poking their way out of the ground!

Terri W.

Losing an hour is not my favorite thing, but I do love more daylight in the evenings. This March I've enjoyed the early warming and seeing all the flowers and budding leaves, especially the Quince and Forsythia everywhere. Lovely!

Thanks for a fun giveaway!

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

I love daylight savings time because after winter it gives you more light. I have to say the first day of losing the hour of sleep takes a little bit to get used to. New life reminds me of spring. I just love, love the Easter bunny you made. It is just the cutest so I hope I win!!!! I will be coming to my happy place soon!! Love your giveaways, Jackie.


I love March because that's when all the daffodils bloom in my neighborhood! The sight of them just makes me happy!


I love the lighter days and the coming of spring! I usually don't enter giveaways but I just love that bunny tag, so I had to enter this time. :)

Brenda D.

Since Fall and Winter are my favorite seasons, I really dislike Daylight Savings Time. It's a reminder that I have to go through HOT Summer to get back to my my happy place. Spring is enjoyable, but we have to think about tornados then! Ugh! Whatever the season, you always make beautiful treasures. It's always fun to see what you have created. Enjoy your warm day, Jackie.

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