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My guess…..second row down…second book from the right. Love the pictures!!!

Fran McClintock

Mike and I were just down there from the 10th to the 15th - we went for our high school reunion and stayed for a few days, since Waco is home - we were at Magnolia Market on the 11th with some of our friends.

stephanie ackerman

I am happy to be home but sure am homesick for the weekend we all just experienced...Thank you for all of the amazing photos that captured the wonderful, crazy, amazing and hilarious moments...I LOVE them all (yep..all of them!) I do not have all my words in order yet to share the whole experience yet but I am overflowing with gratitude and joy for so many things, including you.

Sharon K. (Kansas friend)

I think yours is in the second row from the top and fourth one (from left to right). What an exciting time and to stay in the b and b. Lucky!!!!!

debbie musick

Yours has to be the pink one on the 2nd row from the top! It is so happy!
This sounds like such a great trip--a little jealous, but so happy for you girls!


NAN you know me so well..............yes you guessed! I will have your surprise ready the next time we see each other or I will take it by the store before...............we missed you too.......you will have fun with these girls in Washington and I will get to stay home and see your photos!


I'm SOOOO bummed I missed this but SOOOO happy y'all had such a great time. The covers are all beautiful! Jackie, I'm going to guess yours is the 2nd row from the top, 2nd one from the right hand side or 5th from the left. It has a pink background.

Charlotte Perez

Aw chucks........had I known about this, I would have joined you. Waco is so close to me........poo.

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