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Your journal is gorgeous! I have kept a December Daily Journal for the last 3 years and really love doing it. It really makes you focus on how you are celebrating.


Oh, how I would love to win! To have a piece of your creativity would just make me do the happy dance... and I would even be willing to dance out my back door and down the driveway! Whooping it up and creating a commotion enough to make my neighbors realize that there really is a person who lives in this house! LOL!

Norma McRae

What a wonderful journal!! I have never kept a journal before, but would certainly start if I had this one. Perhaps I could stay up with one from December 1 thru December 25.

Jeanie Hughes

WOW! WOW! WOW! You always out do yourself with these wonderful journals. What a neat time of the year to win it too. Love everyting you make Jackie. Wish I lived near to take all your cool classes.

Rhonda Ensey

What artistic beauty! Pick me! Pick me ! Pretty please!

Denise Johnson

I had to keep a journal in high school for a literature class. I wasn't sure what to write about and just wrote about my family and the things we did together. Every once in a while my teacher would write comments in the margins, but he never wrote very much in my journal. At the end of the school year he wrote, "You guys sure eat out a lot"! I'm not sure that was really true, but my entire family got a big kick out of his comment on our eating habits! Your Christmas journal is beautiful and would make a great inspiration for keeping a journal again...and Christmas and eating just go hand-in-hand!


I'm in LOVE with that journal, Jackie! I'm also bummed you're not teaching any Christmas classes...just as I was about to make my return! RATS!

Sharon Bruner

I have never kept a Christmas journal. I have written all my life, but I think I get so caught up in all the preparations for Christmas that I never thought of journaling all of it. I have only kept art journals the past two years. I did make a small tag journal for Christmas a few years ago.....it was similiar to counting down to the 25th....little reminders of things yet to do. ")

debbie musick

You actually inspired me to keep a Christmas journal-I have journaled for years, but having a separate one for the holidays. I include my Christmas list, menus, parties, etc. Last year, I started my sister-in-law on her own journal. And this year, at Thanksgiving, she & I are giving a journal to each of her 3 daughters.

Jackie, your wonderful inspiration continues !


It is my first time, I'm trying to start one. I have found your blog looking for some ideas and your work is very interesting.
My 8 years old daughter from China is always telling stories. I think December is one of the best moments to do it because is Christmas time. I must try one this year together with her.
Your work is so beautiful, thanks


Love, love your treasures! In fact, I bought a bunch of them at Allenton Interiors (I think Kaye E. may have called you for more, more, more....) Of course, please enter me in the drawing. Smiles, Lori W.


I've never had a xmas journal. This is a great idea to put holiday memories in every year! Thanks for making this a great giveaway to some lucky person.


I had never journaled until I met you and started taking your classes. I'm hooked! Christmas is my favorite time of year so what better time to journal and we all would love to have one of yours!

Kay H.

What an awesome giveaway, Jackie, - thank you! I love this journal! (Well, I love everything you do!). I have kept a simple Christmas journal/scrapbook for 27 years, I usually just include a couple of family pics, our Christmas card for the year, a favorite card that we receive, and the Christmas postage stamps for the year. I also have a journal where I keep pictures of my Christmas decorating, so I can quickly reference what I did the previous year and where I put what! And it's fun to see how things change around the house over the years. Thanks again, Jackie, I appreciate you! Kay

Sharon Harbolt

I sure could use a journal since I am back teaching our little angels in the classroom. Never kept a Christmas journal but have kept journals before. Jackie, your journals are cherished items as is everything you make. Hope to see you next year. Happy Days Ahead to you and yours,

Sharon H.


This is beautiful! Thank you for the chance to win one of your treasures.

kathy lowry

wow,would love to win this gorgeous journal.
I have kept a book of beautiful thoughts ,
or sentiments . So wish I had kept a daily journal for my family all these years .
It is never to late to start with the
two little grandsons - they say the cutest things . KATHY-Ga


JaCkiE...your Christmas journal is lovely. And, yes I have kept a Christmas journal because of you! You inspired me one year and I loved doing it. It's amazing how many blessings we all have if we just take the time to write them down. I would love to win your beautiful journal ...!

Susan M

This is beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win.


hi, I always wanted to do something like this but never had the time. It's so pretty
Smiles, Andra

Brenda Wright

My totally Favorite things you make!!! I love all the wonderful things you put in them!!!! Maybe I will be lucky this time!!!Have a Wonderful DAY!!!!!


You're Christmas Journal is just beautiful!
The way you put papers and pretties together is just amazing. I have never kept a Christmas Journal but what a fun, memorable way to capture your Christmas.
There is always a first time!
Thanks as always, for sharing your wonderful talents with us.


this is beautiful. I began my first Christmas journal last year and hope to continue one again this year. Yours would be the perfect one for me.

Cindy Wilcox

The journal is beautiful. I have never done a Christmas journal , but would love to try it. We will miss not taking your Christmas class,but hope you have a great break from teaching and a enjoyable holiday. Cindy


Gorgeous! I keep saying I'm going to make one....maybe I can win one! :0)

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