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That bag is so "Jackie!" I need one that is so "Nan!" If only I had the time....Love it, girl!


OMG!!! I LOVE it! Love love love it!

Shelley Overholt

I love it!!! It is so much more fun to carry a bag like this than a Louis Vuitton in my opinion!!! It is just gorgeous Jackie!!!


Very, very pretty! You will get plenty of compliments in public on this purse.


Absolutely gorgeous!!!


It's beautiful. Not quite big enough for all of your change!!


oh WoW...love it, love it, LoVe iT!!!
i realize a day and a half in the world of jackie seems like forever...but it was so worth it. i really like all the fabrics you chose, simply beautiful! u make me sMile...


What a beautiful bag! I love your fabric choices. I have preordered Bari's book. Again, Jackie, your bag is really gorgeous!


Jackie, your bag is gorgeous! I love the Kaffe flowers so much! I can't wait to see you and you tell me about your adventure with this project.

Colette Copeland

Bravo!! Great job! I love the shape of the bag. I have Bari's book on my wish list on amazon. xoxo

[I left you an answer to your question on my blog, which is "yes". :)]


Love the bag!
Hey Jackie~ I sent you an email last week but I'm not sure if I still have the correct email??

Amy Baldwin

Absolutely gorgeous bag Jackie! Love the luscious colors, textures & patterns. Let me know when you start selling them. I am sure there will be a line 10 miles long! :)

Susan Cooke

I love your purse, especially the way you've combined all of the different fabrics. I have been collecting purse patterns lately. I've only made one so far, but I've promised to make a purse for my daughters birthday, which has passed, so I better get on it! Thanks for the inspiration and the motivation!
Susan : )


You are a ROCK STAR girl!!!! I LOVE the way that turned out. Did you get snow today? You sure sent us the COLD! HUGS!


Hey Jackie!
Did you see that Jenny Doh had a picture of your shoe on her blog yesterday!?! It was in a little collage with some other shoes but I recognized it right away as the one you made.

Zoe Pittman

Just Beautiful! Are you selling it? I would love to buy it!!

Fran M

Gorgeous - I want one! How much?


That is beautiful, be proud when you carry it about town. I know I would.


love it...and you made it so quickly!!
enjoy time inside today crafting..


Total Fabulousness!!! Love the fabrics and the style. Just gorgeous, and I am confident you will get numerous compliments every time you use this terrific bag!!! One of these days I am going to give that free motion stitching a try!!


Beautiful Jackie! Love the fabrics you chose!
I saw your post on the free motion sewing and have to look into this a bit more. Do you have to have a special machine to do that or can you do free motion sewing with a regular machine?
I'm going to work on my Cosmo bag today for Jemellia's challenge. It took me quite a while to cut out all the pieces and fuse them all. I'm nervous about trying to sew the bag together but I'm going to give it a try!

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