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lorie summers

jackie the spools are adorable. love your eye for the details. I struggle with that on every piece I do. love coming to your site everyday, knowing I will see great works of art!!!!!

Katsui Jewelry

Those are terrific, Jackie. Your graphics are fatastic and the way you put them together...well, what superlative can I come up with next? I do want to pinch that little boys cheeks!


I've been making Christmas and Halloween projects!! Oh, and using up bits and pieces of things lying around on my desk. Love your wonderful projects!!!


What a great creative weekend you had! Beautiful works! You are super creative! Thanks for inspiring me.


Congrats ladies!

Cute creations!


i LOVE the little guy with the books & clock, simply too dad-gum cute...girl, what you can do with a spool...!

Shelley Overholt

I miss you my friend! I plan on staying home and not roaming the ole U S of A! lol! Love your spools and you know that I love your journals:)

Danette Darbonne

Dear Jackie,
You never cease to amaze me. What happens with all the wonderful things you create. I really wish you'd open an etsy store. You'd be fabulous!
Au Revoir,

I don't want to self promote but you asked what we did. Here is a necklace I made out of a brooch yesterday and listed in my store today: http://www.etsy.com/listing/56868991/limoges-necklace-france-portrait


You had more fun than I did!!!! I helped a friend do a garage sale She is a widow & has sold her house (due to close Friday) & I just couldn't let her be down there by herself with CASH & a ton of strangers milling around. Sooooooooo I sweltered in the horrible heat. But, she did well & I feel good about helping. Journals & spools were more fun & ADORABLE! Where did you find that little fellows photo? HUGS!

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